Billing Rates: For Support Services we work by the hour for all technical support, maintenance and implementation labour. We separate and reduce our travel time and this is billed at a lesser rate. Our Strategic Services are handled the same way as our Support Services. For work requested by the customer to be done off-hours, we work at time and one-half.

For all of our Services we have a policy of exact billing and do not have a minimum billing policy – your site is charged with the time we actually spend – whether handled in our offices or on site. If a 10 minute phone conversation resolves a problem, the billing is for 10 minutes, not 15 or a half-hour. This policy is designed to remove the hesitation on the end-user’s part to call for help, and instead perhaps escalate a problem into a much more expensive resolution.

If we incur expenses in the execution of your job we add these to your bill if they exceed $5.00 (for example: parking, shipping or other similar expenses). Anything under $5.00 Logical Developments simply absorbs.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Registered members of Logical Developments receive a series of services. They receive our Nerd News, a monthly newsletter covering new products and changes in the computer business. They receive “heads-up” alerts about virus attacks, Internet outages and other items that may impact the electronic aspect of their business. Full Membership, an upcoming program from Logical Developments, entitles you to a suite of automated maintenance tasks to even further reduce the day-to-day workload of System Administrators, and to increase the preventative aspects of system management.

Free Stuff

We go about our business a tad differently than most companies in the IT business, because we deliver more than most other companies in this business. Very few others combine technical services with true consulting services, as we do, and not instead present thinly disguised “consulting” as marketing work that the client pays for. “Gee, you need a new server, and we just happen to have one just like it”. We do you the courtesy to assume that you didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

Because of our background in the industry, we bring “big-iron” concepts to organizations that may otherwise experience them. For example, most of the clients we acquire have no documentation on their site other than the “brain trust” that walks around in their support person’s head. Each system they have is “hand-configured” when added to the network, and may closely resemble the next one, or it may not. It just depends on who did the work, how rushed they were and how they were feeling that day. They have no idea which CD-ROM came with what machine, or that it might matter. Few of the configuration and maintenance settings are recorded and there are no checklists to follow to avoid opening a gaping security hole, or missing a critical step in what should be a simple operation.

As Dennis Miller would say, “I don’t want to go on a rant here”, but many clients exist in a state of blissful ignorance, never realizing the thinness of the ice they and their co-workers skate on each working day, until a crack develops. This is when the difference between “robust” and “shoddy” becomes clear. However, there is a cost associated to surround yourself with safety, structure and consistency, and for those customers that wish to be self-reliant, we provide a number of free resources to help them with that goal.

* Knowledge Base – our step-by-step how-to section for general configuration and maintenance of networks, systems and software.
* Nerd News – our monthly email newsletter highlighting important information and industry news.
* Emergency Alerts – alerts sent when there is a potential threat to the security or stability of your computers or network such as serious virus attacks or serious security weaknesses.
* REPLY@LOGDEV.COM – how to tell if your eMail is working properly. Send an eMail to this address and you will receive an automated reply within five minutes.
* Tips & Tricks – cool things you can do with Windows/Office.
* LANWin Reminders – pop-up and eMail reminders provided by LANWin to prompt you when maintenance tasks are due.

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