We Provide IT Support in Vancouver

Logical Developments offers support to you in 4 ways, By our Support Ticketing system, By eMail, By Phone, and In-Person. You should check with your System Administrator for guidelines towards how they would prefer you to contact Logical Developments, but here are the methods:

  • Best option is to use the LANWin support form (this will be an icon on your computer desktop called LogDev IT Support Form – if not there yet, it will appear soon), as this provides us with a “structured” request, and automatically includes your user name and which machine you are currently using. This fill-in-the-blank form reports issues to us and allows you to prioritize the urgency of the ticket (Critical, Important or Job Jar). This support form, once completed and sent, comes through to LogDev’s Ticketing System (your own Site SysAdm may also get a copy). All of our techs here at LogDev look at this support queue and tickets are ‘grabbed’ by the first available technician to assist you.
  • Next best is to send an email to support@logdev.com. This also goes straight to the Support Ticket queue where the first available technician grabs the ticket to assist you. The more information you can provide, the more efficient our first response can be. It is always important for us know your name and eMail, which machine you are working on and any details about the problem you can provide. Good information can often allow us to get a head-start towards the solution as we get back to you, instead of just calling for more details, and perhaps playing telephone tag instead.
  • While we list this as choice 3 – in terms of our preference as to how we’d like you contact us – occasionally this can and will be your choice – using the Phone (for example, when you have no email or access to Internet). We can be reached at (604) 669-8400 or Toll Free at 1-888-4-LogDev. Please, please, ask for Support and not a specific person (who may be unavailable), as that may unnecessarily delay your response.
  • In Person, usually during standard IT review meetings between Logical Developments and yourselves.



If you have a serious system problem when our offices are closed (our business hours are M-F, 9-5pm), our Business-Down Service may be used. Our Emergency Number is provided through our Office Answering Message at 604.669.8400, and is the only way to get through to the Emergency Responder. Using this service is surcharged, therefore is intended for emergency use only and is only active during off-business hours, but if getting your systems up in an Emergency is important to you, Logical Developments is available 24/7.



Logical Developments’ web site has an extension collection of Knowledge Pages that may provide the extra clue needed to resolve the issue yourself. Our clients can demonstrate the level of self-sufficiency they are comfortable with, and can begin building standardization and stability into their network by following the guidelines of the Knowledge Pages. You must be registered to use our K-Pages, but registration is free, and your eMail address is protected. Just go to the LogDev Web Site, at www.logdev.com and click on the Knowledge Base button.


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